Upholstery Cleaning in Highlands Ranch

Sofas, arm chairs and other upholstered furniture accumulate a lot of dust and dirt which can be harmful to your health if left to get deep in the fabric. This is why it is of crucial importance to take care of cleaning any furniture covered with fabric or drapery around your home or work place on time. If you live within the area of Highlands Ranch, CO, you will no longer have to worry about booking affordable dirt removal services, you have them right next door. Professional upholstery cleaningAll you need to do in order to arrange an immaculate upholstery cleaning is contact A-1 Red Carpet Upholstery Cleaning and name the date and time you need us!

Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

Depending on the fabric you need cleaned, we have two cleaning methods to choose from. Of course, if you have never cleaned your upholstery before booking us and you are not sure about the method which should be applied, one of our cleaning consultants will come to your commercial or residential property for an upfront viewing. We offer you all this in order to make sure we determine the right cleaning approach in advance and bring the most suitable equipment and tools on the day of the appointment.

1) About dry cleaning – A-1 Red Carpet Upholstery Cleaning uses the power of dry chemicals plus carbonation, to lift dirt and soil to the surface of the fabric you need cleaned. It is usually applied to fake materials (fake leather, fake suede, seasal, nylon based, etc.)

2) About steam cleaning – This cleaning method uses special environmentally friendly liquid shampoos applied deep into the fabric with the help of a steam cleaning vacuum. It is an excellent method to extract dust and dirt from furniture, upholstered with natural fabrics like velvet and cotton. (Commonly A-1 Red Carpet Upholstery Cleaning‘s technicians also use our steam cleaning equipment to extract moisture or dirt from any type of upholstery after water damage.)Both of the fabric cleaning methods we apply during our upholstery cleaning sessions are also used when we perform a carpet cleaning service. So if you need that as well, don’t hesitate to appoint both services with us and get a special price offer.

Contact us now! We also provide reliable water damage restoration! Call our office in Highlands Ranch, CO today at (303) 353-1690and get your individual cleaning quote. Our customer service support is ready to answer all of your questions! An air duct cleaning, a home cleaning, a commercial cleaning, a carpet or upholstery color refreshing – just name the service you need done and we will perform it for you at reasonable rates!

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